Gorodnya German cultural center "Interaction"

About us

The Gorodnya district German cultural center “Interaction (Cooperation)” is a public organization which on today counts 66 members, from them 36 members are ethnic Germans. We are not organization which is closed for other ethnic groups, and we support talents, regardless of the national belonging.

Chairman of the German cultural center — Hmelenok Nick Paul.

It is symbolical, that the German cultural center in Gorodnya is registered on the eve of German Christmas (certificate an registration No. 21 is giving is given out by the Gorodnya district management of justice on a December; the charter is accepted on December 7, 2003 by general absolutely recently of the representatives of the German cultural center). Although our center exists absolutely recently, we have already friends in Germany appeared.

On October, 3, per day of German unity, we for the first time met with guests from Germany, for which the childrens’s group of our German cultural center has prepared a concert in the German language.

As (On the state on) of August 2012, at our cultural center consisted 66 persons, from them 36 Germans.

Purposes and tasks of the German cultural center “Interaction (Cooperation)”:

· revival and propaganda of the German culture, folk traditions, handicrafts, consuetudes and ceremonies, study and popularization of history of Germans on Ukraine, their roles in economic development of country, development of spirituality, saving of national originality;

· renewal (restoration) of the good (kind) name of the subjected and deported peoples to repression, victims of stalinism, achievement of complete and vowel (public) rehabilitation of Germans of Ukraine as the deported peoples, providing (maintenance) of political equality of rights with other nationalities on territory of Ukraine;

· adjusting of direct international contacts, strengthening of communications (connections) with Germany, comprehensive development of cooperation between the German speaking citizens of all (entire) countries.


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